Wednesday, March 3, 2010

effie & ollie

Ladies !!
Have you seen Heather Bailey's newest pin cushion!?
effie & ollie the elephant are sure to please.
You're going to want to make a troop of acrobatic elephants!
And, can you imagine how cute effie or ollie would be made up in your favorite juvenile fabric for that special little person in your life.
The possibilities are endless ...

Stop by Material Girls today before all the patterns march away!


the Material Girls Quilts said...

Thanks for the post Christy!! Sorry about tonight, I so appreciate your trying to help my computer challenged self I owe you!!
Love ya!
PS. I probably will have to call you tomorrow to help me!! I owe you a hunk of fudge:)

Anonymous said...

I have to make some elephants to go with my turtle. I've becomea pincushion addict. Pat M