Sunday, July 10, 2011

7-11 Birthday Bash for the Slurpee

Did you know that tomorrow July 11 (or 7-11) is the  Slurpee's Birthday?  Tomorrow you can get a free 7 oz. Slurpee at all 7-11 stores.  I have to tell you that I love these things.  I have a 7-11 right down from the shop and it calls my name frequently.    I love to mix the flavors bananna and pina coloda, is probably my favorite.  I have been known to hop from 7-11 to 7-11 looking for the flavor I am craving at the moment.  Whats your favorite flavor?
Happy Birthday Slurpee!
From a Big Fan:)


Ann Marie said...

I haven't had a Slurpee in years! I haven't a clue as too what flavors they even have now. We don't have 7-11's around here.

Samantha said...

Cherry!! I love Cherry Slurpees! I like the blue ones too, but I don't know what flavor that is.. Blue Raspberry maybe?

Thanks for the heads up, I plan to go get one!


Vesuviusmama said...

When I was in junior high in the early 80s, there was a 7-11 within walking distance of my school, and we'd get slurpees anytime we could scrape up the money. Since then, I bet I could count the number of slurpees I've had on one hand. I just haven't seemed to have any near where I live. I sure would like one right now, though. It is hot as blazes here in Virginia tonight. Maybe I have some popsicles in the freezer...