Monday, December 16, 2013

Ugly Tree Skirt!

I'm sharing a very personal something with you today!  My "Ugly Tree Skirt" I made this more than 20 years ago.  I didn't make just one, I made both of my sisters one too!  I wished I had pictures of theirs but I don't, ( sad face). The scary thing is I was thinking I was all that and a bag of chips too!  What is even scarier is I'm too lazy to make a new one do every year my tree has to wear this till I make a new one!  So, enjoy, laugh but you know you have something you made lurking around that makes you laugh too !
Merry Christmas 


Erin Marie said...

I have a store bought tree skirt and it's been killing me every year. I finally had an epiphany, so I'll be working out how to make it and then doing that. Not in time for Christmas this year.

My mom made stockings one year, and she got them done just on time for Christmas, but didn't stitch the turning hole closed. As far as I know, she still hasn't done it. That makes me laugh. ;-)

Sharon Hughson said...

I like it. Send it to me!

Janet said...

Now that Christmas tree skirt took a well of a lot of work and the important thing is you enjoyed it at the time enough to go the extra mile and make two more. I've made projects and my style and taste have changed through the years that make me smile to think why did I make that. Thanks for sharing; Merry Christmas!