Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Ruby" arrives

I am seriously doing my happy dance moves right now (and I am telling you I can bust a move!).  Ruby by (Moda) Bonnie and Camille, mother~daughter duo whom  I loooove to pieces, arrived at the shop.  It is Fanfreakintastic!!  I love it, and so will you.  Reds, Aqua's, greens mmmm! need I say more?  We have the entire line and then some, and of course all the pre-cuts.   We will be kitting lots of fun projects, and will have them up very soon!!  We carry all of their patterns so come get your new project today!!
See ya soon!

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Nicole said...

Don't you just love this fabric. I have a extra layer cake that I've debated doing a giveaway for, but I just don't know if I can do it, it's so darn pretty. I need to visit the Material Girls shop sometime, I've heard such good things about it.