Thursday, January 29, 2009

Technology Look out here I come!!!

After reading QuiltSoup's blog and seeing her movie I decided, I had to try it. Well that smilebox thingy is pretty cool but the only pictures I had were of Shelby and her friends being goofy, so she is my test bunny! Now I just need to work the camera and take some pictures of the shop and walaaa a quilt shop movie. (Shelby is the 2nd one in from the left in case any one was wondering) See ya soon!!


angie spendlove said...

Yeah for technology, then at midnight I can still shop your shop! Love your store. Thanks for all you do! Your shop has a friendly, happy atmosphere and I love it! Material Girls is truly my favorite shop!

Anonymous said...

I love your store and how much fun you guys have!! It is my favorite shop also, keep up the good work!

barbara@quiltsoup said...

Where is the movie of the shop? You must have fired your right hand man!