Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Press Board Tutorial

Sorry about the absence of tutorials.  I was having too much summer fun, but I am now back and ready to go with fun and fabulous ideas.

Have you ever wanted a small space to iron on next to your machine while you piece a quilt (such as the farmers's wife quilt along)  Or needed a space to iron at a class or late sew.  Here is your answer, a press board.  I love mine and carry it with me all the time.  I am even tempted to buy a small iron and put it in a bag with a press board so I can pick and go whenever I want.

Materials needed
12 x 12 piece of wood.  Plywood or MDF works great
fat quarter - cut to 16 x 16
large piece of batting - cut 2 pieces to 16 x 16
large staple gun -

---Layer your fabric in this order RIGHT SIDES DOWN  - Fabric, batting, batting.
---Lay your board on your batting.
---You are going to work on opposite sides on the board.  So pull the bottom fabric/batting up and staple along edge.  Now pull the top fabric/batting tight. Staple once to hold and peek under to make sure your fabric surface is flat.  finish stapling top edge

---Repeat this last step for the left and rights sides.--just make sure the fabric is pulled tight on the work surface.
---make sure fabric is secure with staples,
 ---trim off any excess fabric and batting.  I leave about 1/4 inch past my staples
--flip over and enjoy
---You can glue strips of felt over your staples for a more finished look.  This also protects whatever surface you lay the board on from the staple tops
--Your board can be any size you want.  Just cut your fabric and batting to 4 inches bigger than the board.


Anonymous said...

When you post pics, will you do it as a new post so it will show up in my feed again? I won't remember to go back and check if it doesn't show up in my feed!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I'm doing this!