Thursday, May 31, 2012

knotted hair elastic tutorial

So with the wintery weekend we had my body decided to join in and get sick, so I apologize this is being posted 2 days later.
Nadine posted a video about hair elastic that studio5 did. Here is our step by step printable version of that project. ( I have 2 on in this picture)

What you need -
elastic - lots of colors at the store
beads if you want
hot glue if you want

for a ponytail holder I used 6 inches and tied a knot.  make sure you leave some tails. Easy peasy

for a head band I used 22 inches and knotted it.
If you want to add a bead I would suggest a large hole bead, the smaller hole is just difficult to fit the thick elastic through.

For either one if you have issues with it slipping off run a wavy line of hot glue along the inside to give it some grip.

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