Tuesday, May 15, 2012

laminate swim bag tutorial plus tips

I am all about laminate right now.  Here are some tips for sewing with laminate that I have learned.

**a walking foot makes ALL the difference.  A teflon foot or scotch tape on a regular foot work alright, but a walking foot makes it sew like normal fabric.
**  A sharp needle and sewing slowly works better than a stronger needle.  I broke 2 denim needles, but sewed slow with an 80 sharp and didn't break one...plus smaller holes in the laminate.
**If you use very thin pins you can pin through the laminate and not have visible holes.  I used the clover pins with blue and yellow glass heads.  They are super thin.
**No need to iron.  Just finger press or run the edge of the ruler down the fold and it will hold long enough to do the step you need.
**blow out your machine often.  As you sew the laminate flakes a little and gets in your machine.  Just make sure to clean it good when you are done.
*****If you have handles, straps, ties (anything small that you have to turn RSO) sprinkle a small amount of baby powder onto the laminate and sew, then when you turn it, the laminate won't stick to itself.  Wipe down when complete.****Best trick ever!!!!

Here is a fabulous idea  to use laminate----
Swim bag tutorial

Using the drawstring tutorial we posted earlier make a swim bag using laminate instead of cotton.
Quick, stylish and water proof!!!!

( I will post pictures when mine gets done)

Here are some more ideas to use laminate with

**Snappy bags or small coin purse pattern -  used laminate to make them into reuseable snack bags
**bag pattern  - use laminate to make any bag into a lunch tote or diaper bag.
**clothing patterns - use laminate to make any coat into a rain jacket.
This is a diaper bag using laminate.


Ellen said...

Perfect timing for you to share your tips! I just bought some yesterday to make garden aprons with and I've never sewed laminates before. Thank you so much for this post!

Rachael said...

I so badly want to make a diaper bag with this. So cute!

Jeanette said...

I love the baby powder tip! My first experience with laminates was a nightmare for that exact reason and I haven't touched it since! Now maybe I will have to try again.

Jodi said...

I would love to know which diaper bag pattern you used with the laminate.

Chriss said...

The diaper bag is the "lola Bea diaper bag" by Sew much ado. It is on order for the shop or you can order the PDF version from sew much ados website.