Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pacifier clip tutorial

I will admit I am a pacifier mom.  We call ours "bink".  I have used these clips since my son was born.  They are short enough that he can sleep with it clipped to him and no worries about chocking.  They are also short enough that they don't drag on the ground when he crawls. I throw mine in the wash every couple of days and they wash and dry just fine. You can easily embellish these to make them more girlie if you desire.

What you need
scrap material
clips (found at joanns near the snaps and elastic)
velcro (I use iron on)

Place pieces of fabric WRONG sides together

cut a strip that is 1 inch by 7 inches

finish all 4 raw edges ( I serge them but you can zig zag or overlock just as easy)

slide the clip on the fold over and sew.  I sew as close to the clip as possible.

Iron velcro to the other end.  One piece is on the edge the other is about an inch down.


Feed the velcro end through the loop on the pacifier and secure.  If you have the type of pacifier with no loop wrap a clean hair elastic around the knob and then feed the fabric through the elastic.

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Jeanette said...

perfect timing, I have a baby shower coming up!