Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Fun with the Brassy Apple

Hi, everyone!!  We did a guest post over at Brassy Apple    I want to Thank Megan for having us. I love Summer and all the great things that inspire me to create.  My tutorial is for a Summer towel wrap,  I made mine for a my neighbor's little girl Olivia.  We have a pool and I have made these in the past and people love them.  Depending on the size of the person you are making it for a regular bath towel will work.
I start with one bath towel,  fat quarter of fabric to match,  1 1/2 yards of rick rack.  3/4 yard of 1 inch elastic. and 4 inches of sew in velcro 3/4" wide (keep in mind that you can add straps or more embellishments than I did)  I have made them with a ruffle at the bottom, and for a little boy just add a basketball, a monster or whatever.    I measured Olivia,  I needed about 13 inches.  I then trimmed my towel to 30" long.  I serged the edge so that it wouldn't fray.)  This is the edge that is underneath.

Measure off how long you want it.  We decided to keep this one longer so that when she got out of the pool it covered most of her  (20" inches long is what we needed).  Measure from under the armpit to where you want it to hit.  To that measurement add 1 1/2 inches for your elastic casing. Cut off excess towel.  I used a serger to finish my edge but you could zig zag the edge to keep it from unraveling.
Press under 1 1/2" on the top edge, this will be your casing for the elastic

Now before you stitch down the casing you will want to add the velcro.  Cut a 4" strip.  sew the hook    side (roughest piece)  1" from the edge of the towel. that will be the underneath of the towel (this is also the edge that you cut off)   Stitch all the way around the edge of the velcro,  add the other piece to the top of the wrap sewing all the way around the velcro.
Once that is done you will want to stitch your casing down.  Stitch about a 1/4 inch in from the edge.
Using a saftey pin, thread elastic through the casing,   Tighten to fit, and sew the open ends closed being sure to catch the ends of the elastic in your seams.  
To embellish I added rick rack to the front edge, and all the way around the bottom  I added it 3 1/2" from the bottom edge.  Stitch in place.  I then traced the letter "O" from one of the fonts off of my word program.  Trace it backwards on to Heat and Bond, and press in to desired place,  I then used my Sizzix and cut out some flowers and ironed them on in various places.  I did stitch all the added pieces down even though I used Heat and Bond this takes a lot of wear and tear and wanted my pieces to stay on so I stitched them all down just around the outside edge.
Measure 3 1/2" from bottom for the rick rack.
Adding an O for Olivia
Place flowers, letter where you want them and Press!
I then added buttons to the center of the flowers.  Olivia is ready to come over and swim and be styling in her new cover up!!  Thanks so much for having us Megan!!  Come visit us at our blog!
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