Monday, May 5, 2008

Amy Butler Fabric is Here!!

Well better late than never, our Amy butler line showed up today and it is fabulous.
I can't decide what color way is my fav. This week in the store we will be sending out an e-mail listing by day what sales we will have, and each day this week starting wednesday we will offer something new on sale this is really to good to miss so be sure and check your mail
Thanks nadine


Somer said...

Hi Nadine-
I haven't gotten any emails about sales. I'm guessing things just got busy.

Anonymous said...

Was glad to see you got a chance to head over to the HMQS at South Towne Expo...hope you enjoyed it! Boy did I get inspired. I am SO excited for your BHG honor...just WOW! Having said that, it's no surprise, either...MG's is just the best!

My short-stuff sidekick can't wait for mommy to "need more fabric" to come back to play at Material Girls. See you soon, I'm sure!