Monday, April 30, 2012

 Wow, May 1st already? seriously?  I am not sure where this year has gone but I am behind!  When I was little my mom loved May Day.  She was born in England and always wanted my sisters and I to get into May Day.  So, mom this is for you!!  Happy May Day!!   To honor May Day we are having a May Day sale and our entire store is 10% off tomorrow May 1st.

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Amy Butler's new line is here

Material Girls loves Amy Butler!!  We have her entire line of Gypsy Caravan in the shop!!  Of course Shelby has already snagged hers up but we have plenty more.  Of course Amy never disappoints us and this is a reprint of her very first line so you are sure to love it!!  Did you know that we carry all of Amy's other lines that are still in print also.  We have the biggest selection for the entire valley so when looking for a Free Spirit line check us first!!

Friday Follower

Wow, I am really late getting this posted.  Shelby moved out this weekend and it was a crazy weekend!  what with all the furniture re-doing and packing I didn't get on the computer much!!  Our follower of the week is Jeanette,  Jeanette congratulations and thanks for following us!!!  Yes, shelby will still be working at the shop (thank goodness)  Jeanette stop by or send me and email we have a little present for you!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Flea Market Legacy!!

For all of you Denyse Schmidt fans, her new line Flea Market Fancy Legacy line is here and selling fast.  I have been WAITING for this to get here and FINALLY it is here!!!  Yahoo!!  Since the announcement of its reprint I have been dreaming of all the wonderful, fantastic things I would be creating in this line.  I LOVE her style, I can't wait to get started.  Hmm, which should I create first?  Call the shop and order yours today 801-495-4290!!
This might have to be my first, Jeanine has wanted to do this too!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Furniture Makeover

I forgot to take a picture before I started removing the doors.
I thought I would share a little tutorial with you.  By no means am I an expert, so test your paint furniture skills at your own risk!  Shelby is moving out this weekend (sad face) with her friends.  They are moving downtown for the Summer, yes I am going to miss her to pieces but it will be such a great adventure for her too!  So, we bought her a TV and I had this old TV stand in my basement.  We hauled it in to the garage and removed all the doors and knobs.
Shelby using her muscles to sand
It seems like these old oak pieces are load up with varnish so we had to use a lot of elbow grease.  After we had it all sanded we taped off and used Glad Press and Seal (it is like a sticky wax paper) to keep the paint out of the inside.  Using cling wax paper is awesome and saves a lot of time.  It's a must you try on your next painting project.  We used Rust-oleum Painters touch spray paint in Satin and the color is Lagoon.
Then after we had painted it we let it dry for a bit and then sanded the edges and roughed it up a bit.  And then used Rust-oleum Transformations Decorative Glaze in Java Brown.  We sponge brushed it on and then wiped it off.  When we were all down with that we let it dry and then sprayed it with a clear coat varnish.  And Walah!!  Shelby has a "oh so cute TV stand"  I can't wait to visit her and see it all put together!!
Time for a nap!
Nadine & Shelby

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Body scrub tutorial

I just made this and then used it.  Oh how wonderful my legs feel.  I can not take credit for this however here is the link to the website that I used.  This is a super simple project that will make a great gift.  And with Mother's Day right around the corner.  This is perfect!!  Thanks Chris!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Cruisin' with the Material Girls

In case you didn't know, a few years ago I BEGGED my family for a beach cruiser bicycle.  And like a good family they pulled through and bought me this cute little gem!!  Isn't she cute?  LOVE her!!
 Well, when it came to riding it, I wasn't as dedicated as I claimed I would be.  I have taken a lot of heat for just having it parked in the garage.  Well, fast forward a couple of years and yes, I am riding it to work.  Not every day but enough to say "See, I use it"  So, I couldn't not create this cute little stitchery so you could all have a "Cruiser" too.  It isn't on our website yet but you can call the shop and order it.
Beach Cruiser stitcher by Material Girls
I hope you love it!!

Sunshine and Cherries

The sun is finally shining here in Utah,  We have had some really crazy weather so the sun is much appreciated.  It just makes you happy to get up and see the sun, (that is if your windows are clean, but that is a whole other post.)  so, this quilt is sure to find a spot in your kitchen as a topper, on a wall that needs brightened, or any where that just needs a little sunshine!  We have kits at the shop and we will ship them out if you want one and are out of state.  Just give us a call.  801-495-4290.  Stay tuned I have some new patterns that I have designed and will be posting them latter in the week!!
 Have a great Monday everyone!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Follower of the week!!

So, I am a little behind posting this for our follower of the week.  But here it is..., our follower of the week is Amy of vintage fern  Since this is our first follower of the week we have decided to give a surprise!!  So, Amy either come in the shop and pick it up or I can mail it to you!!  Congratulations Amy.!!  Just a reminder to all of you.  We will be picking a follower of the week every Friday.  So, if you aren't following our blog, you should be, you can become one by signing up on our sidebar on the blog.  Leave a comment on any of our weeks posts and that will also include you too, we will pick a new follower again next Saturday!!  So much fun!!  Leave lots of comments and up your chances!!!
Nadine & the girls

Thursday, April 19, 2012

scissor Sharpening

Mac the scissor guy will be in the shop this saturday from 10 to 4.  $10 a pair of scissors.  Remember he can sharpen any scissors you have, not just your sewing ones

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

sewing machine parts tutorial

Today is more of a tip than a true tutorial.

You know all those spare parts that come with your sewing machine...and sometime the case the company gives you is just not that cool.  Here is the solution.  I am not sure of the technical name but I call them squishy tubes.
I have found them at Home depot in the tool box section, but I am sure all home improvement stores have them.  They come in various sizes and colors.
You squeeze the end with the hole cut in it to open up the tune.  When released it closes tightly.  I have carried many around with various needles, thread, feet, and so on in them and have never had a spill.

Love my squishy tubes!!!  I have one for each machine.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Friday Followers

One of my favorite things about our blog is the people I have met.  Some of you have become some of my best friends.  The next best thing is reading your comments,  Its like getting the mail and discovering a letter from a friend instead of the utility bill.  So, we have decided to have a Friday Follower,  we will be giving away prizes (not every week),  doing guests posts, and all kinds of fun things.  Here is all you have to do, If you aren't a follower of our blog, then become one. You can become a follower on the sidebar of our blog. Second, leave a comment or two on a post every week.  Out of those things we will do a random drawing every week and post on Saturday to let you know who it is.  Fun Times my friends!!  So, lets get going!!

It's BACK!!

Love the Chevron fabric that is out on every blog and Pinterest?  Well, we just got our re-order in of the Chevrons from Riley Blake.  We have every color back in stock!!  Yahoo!!  Call the shop or come in and get yours today!!
Nadine & the Girls

SNAP the conference

I am beside myself with excitement about attending the SNAP conference this weekend.  I have never been  so I am not sure what to expect, of course I have heard nothing but wonderful things about this so I will keep you posted.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

St George or bust!!

Paige and Shelby waiting to eat breakfast.
Urban Renewal my favorite shop in St. George,  great second hand finds
On Thursday morning Shelby (her BFF) Paige and I loaded up the car and headed to St. George, Utah.  It is in Southern Utah so we were expecting SUNNY, WARM weather.  NOT!  On the 4 hour drive there it rained, snow, and sunshined a little (very little).  Then we get to St. George RAIN!! and I mean RAIN!  So, we did what any women would do....,  WE SHOPPED for 4 days.  I did manage to read 2 books, and get a little stitching done on a new stitchery I designed, lots of shopping and eating.  
We even had a little time to hit up a few quilt shops in the area.  Quilted Works in St. George is a darling shop, yes, we did buy fabric!!
Even though the weather was bad we had a BLAST!!  We laughed a lot, played jokes on one another and I feel blessed to have these to want to hang out with me!!
Bear Paw, a fantastic little restaurant that is a must go to!!
Strawberry Vanilla waffle from the Bear Paw!  DELISH!!
Thanks Shelby and Paige I love you!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mac the scissor guy

Remember Mac the scissor guy will be in the store this saturday from 10 to 4.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Show and Tell Linky party

I know we have all had "Spring Fever"  Most of us have been doing some type of fun Spring inspired project so it's time we had our first link up show and tell!    Feel free to link up your blog or website and show us what Spring projects you have been working on.   But wait there is more, become a follower of our blog (located at the side of our blog)  if your friends leave a comment have them become followers too!!  Then pop over to our Facebook page which has a link at the top of our page and become a follower of our Material Girls Facebook page.  So lets get linking, be sure and grab our button at the side and post it on your blog
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Scissor Sharpening

Mac, the scissor guy will be in the store this Saturday April 14th from 10 to 4.
It is $10 a pair.
Mac can sharpen sewing, craft, scrapbooking, nippers, pinking, household, even some yard trimmers.
Bring anything that needs sharpened in and Mac can tell you if he can sharpen them or not.

Spring time wreath

It's a new month so time for a new wreath.

What you need.
2 skeens of "furry" green yarn
1 roll of flower lace trim
1 box of pins. (mine matched the centers of the flowers)
1 foam wreath
ribbon for hanging

The amount of yarn you need depends on the size of wreath.  For a 9 inch wreath I used almost 2 full skeens.

Pin end of yarn to the wreath.

Wrap yarn around the wreath.  Make sure the yarn sits close together so no foam shows.

Cut your flower trim into individual flowers.

randomly pin flowers to the wreath.  pin through the center spot of each flower.

Tie ribbon around wreath and hang.

I have seen these also with signs or banners pinned into the center that say "Spring" or "Welcome"

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Washi Tape Printer

Have I told you of my newest obsession?  Washi Tape, what is it you ask?  It is Japanese masking tape, but not just any old tan, boring colored masking tape, oh no, my friends it's colored, patterned, fun, fantastic tape.  That makes taping anything a delightful pleasure.  But, wait it gets better.  While surfing the web a couple of weeks ago I came across a Coharu Washi Tape Printer, of course with a gleeful scream  "I must have one of those!!"  Off I set out to find out where to purchase one of  these little gem!  I ordered mine from Japan Trend Shop.
It comes in to colors creme or brown, I ordered the creme.  (it looks like a little suitcase!)  The only downfall is it doesn't use the regular Washi Tape that I just happened to order in pretty much every color and pattern.  It has to have a special Washi Tape, which I also had to order in every color and pattern.
I bought the creme, but they are both super cute!
It offers several different fonts.

I haven't decided exactly what I am labeling but I am sure I will think of something since this is my year of organizing!  I am planning on doing a little tutorial on how to work it, it was a little intimidating at first, but I seem to be catching on.  It came in the cutest box and only took about a week to get here.  It is a little pricey, but if you do a search you might find it on Etsy.   

Printed this to put on one of my button jars
So, there you have it!!  I love mine, but I will admit I am kind of a gadget girl.  Stay tuned for some fun posts on how I am using mine!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

An Easter Egg Hunt at Material Girls!

Oh, the Material Girls Bunnies have been extremly busy!!  We are having our first ever GIANT EASTER EGG HUNT!!  We have hidden 100's of eggs, and I mean 100's. Each egg is loaded with free prizes, discounts and more surprises!!  We are having our Easter Egg Hunt Friday April 6 and Saturday April 7 from 10 am -8pm.  We will be hiding new eggs all day long so that you don't miss out!  Enter to win a gift basket of Easter Goodies (drawing will be posted Monday April 9).  Limit 3 prizes per person, must be 13 or older for eligibility)Ladies you won't want to miss this!!!  It is going to be so much fun!! Peter Cotton Tail and Friends
AKA, The Material Girls Quilts

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Brand new Shop Hop

Mark your calendars ladies (& amp;gents)  there is a brand new shop hop in town!!  Thats right!  the Bee Hive Shop Hop is happening along the Wasatch Front.   17 fantastic shops, 4 days of fun and games (and sales)  With lots of BIG Prizes!!  June 13th through June 16th.   You won't want to miss this, it's the biggest party for the Summer!!  Follow our blog, and like our Facebook and keep up on the BUZZZ!  We will be posting contests, free BOM, so don't forget to check back often.
See ya there!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Redneck stemware tutorial

I was searching around blog world today and came across a site for Southern cooking.  Well, I LOVE sweet tea!!   I can't cook worth beans but love me some ice cold tea!!  They had served their sweet tea in these cute canning jars on a candlestick, (or redneck stemware).
So, I rounded up my supplies E6000, a glass candlestick and a Ball canning jar.  I also tied a turquoise piece of jute for a little color accent.

Around the top of the candlestick I applied a ring of the E6000, centered the jar on the candlestick, let dry, tie some raffia or jute around top, pick what Spring flowers you have and bring them inside to brighten your day, or pour yourself your favorite beverage put your feet up and RELAX!!