Saturday, April 7, 2012

Washi Tape Printer

Have I told you of my newest obsession?  Washi Tape, what is it you ask?  It is Japanese masking tape, but not just any old tan, boring colored masking tape, oh no, my friends it's colored, patterned, fun, fantastic tape.  That makes taping anything a delightful pleasure.  But, wait it gets better.  While surfing the web a couple of weeks ago I came across a Coharu Washi Tape Printer, of course with a gleeful scream  "I must have one of those!!"  Off I set out to find out where to purchase one of  these little gem!  I ordered mine from Japan Trend Shop.
It comes in to colors creme or brown, I ordered the creme.  (it looks like a little suitcase!)  The only downfall is it doesn't use the regular Washi Tape that I just happened to order in pretty much every color and pattern.  It has to have a special Washi Tape, which I also had to order in every color and pattern.
I bought the creme, but they are both super cute!
It offers several different fonts.

I haven't decided exactly what I am labeling but I am sure I will think of something since this is my year of organizing!  I am planning on doing a little tutorial on how to work it, it was a little intimidating at first, but I seem to be catching on.  It came in the cutest box and only took about a week to get here.  It is a little pricey, but if you do a search you might find it on Etsy.   

Printed this to put on one of my button jars
So, there you have it!!  I love mine, but I will admit I am kind of a gadget girl.  Stay tuned for some fun posts on how I am using mine!!

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