Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bundt Cake???

We have a 30's club at the shop and for the month of Nov. we decided to exchange aprons, bread and a recipe. Well of course I waited till the last minute and made my apron the night before (it turned out cute) and panicked because the only bread I ever make is Rhodes rise and bake, and of course I couldn't take that. So being the creative girl I am I ran over to Nothing but Bundt Cakes over in Sandy. Girls! Let me tell you, cute shop and every flavor of bundt cake you can imagine!!! Any way for the month of December we are exchanging yo-yo's and I have gone nuts!! We are using the large yo-yo maker from Clover. Its so much fun! I will post a picture as soon as Shelby gets her camera from school.
yo yo for now!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

3 teenage boys!!!

I left the shop early tonight..., something I don't do near often enough. I decided I needed to go to the mall, (yea I know I'm nuts,) anyway I told my son Parker he should go with me and he agreed if I would take his friends (2 more 15 year olds) I'm not sure if any of you have teenage boys but, oh my gosh they make me laugh. I tried to put my arm around Parker and he told me I can only do that at home. Then we (tom and I) took them to Red Robin where they polished off chocolate shakes, ginormous burgers, french fries, and an appetizer!! All is right in my world!! I hope you all have these make you smile moments this Holiday Season!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Friday or the start of Christmas music

I hope as all of you read this that your sitting (or laying) there with the after taste of turkey and cranberries thumbing thru your ads to kick off Black Friday. I have lots planned at the shop so be sure and put us on the map of places to visit. I have all my Christmas music out and yes, Donny Osmond is in the line up. I'm so excited!! For the first 50 visiters to the shop I have a surprise for you. We have lots marked down so hurry in!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a big surprise in the mail!!!

So I received a big surprise in the mail today!! Camille from Thimble Blossoms brand new patterns are here!!!! YAHOO!!! 4 new designs to feast upon and they are fat free!!! You are going to love this as usual they are devine, she is so amazing! And don't forget I also have her mom's (Cotton Way) trunk show. I'm feeling like part of the family, I am surrounded by their amazing designs, Lucky Me!! (I haven't even called Jeanine yet!!)
See ya soon!

Pre-Turkey Day Ponderings

One day until Thanksgiving! Wow, the weather here in Salt Lake does not seem like Thanksgiving, it has been so sunny that we still have the front doors open at the shop, We are still collecting food for the Utah Food Bank, I will be taking it down or I should say Tom and Parker will be taking it down around 4pm today so please stop by the shop and drop off your canned goods! I am planning a big Black Friday Sale and will post on that later! Have a great day and please remember your local food banks!!
Ta Ta for now!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Trunk show and a giveaway!!

I just realized that Camille over at Thimbleblossoms is having a giveaway, so be sure and pop over to her blog and leave a comment, tell her Material Girls sent you. I love that girl, she is so cute, and talented and nice and her mom's a sweetheart too! And about her mom, we are having Cotton Ways trunk show in the shop, we should have it in and up in the store by Friday November 21 so be sure and stop by and check it out!
Thanks, Nadine

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm early!!

Wow! I am so proud of myself, I actually started my Christmas shopping, and it's wrapped! (thank goodness for Nordstroms) I am going to try really hard and get my tree and all the trimmings up next week. Last year got away from me and I was not very festive, also Shelby has informed me that since it's her Senior year in HS we should decorate like the Griswalds (Christmas Vacation movie) in case she goes away to college. ( she's such a dramatic child! but I love her).
till next time!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm Back!!

Well, it has been a while since my last post. I'm not really sure what I have been doing but time really got away from me. We had a pre-Christmas event in the shop where our very talented and creative girls designed items for you to purchase that are fast and easy, great for gifts for friends and neighbors. We had a lot of fun and still have some of the kits left for any of you out there that need a fast project and they are cute!!
Talk to you soon!