Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bundt Cake???

We have a 30's club at the shop and for the month of Nov. we decided to exchange aprons, bread and a recipe. Well of course I waited till the last minute and made my apron the night before (it turned out cute) and panicked because the only bread I ever make is Rhodes rise and bake, and of course I couldn't take that. So being the creative girl I am I ran over to Nothing but Bundt Cakes over in Sandy. Girls! Let me tell you, cute shop and every flavor of bundt cake you can imagine!!! Any way for the month of December we are exchanging yo-yo's and I have gone nuts!! We are using the large yo-yo maker from Clover. Its so much fun! I will post a picture as soon as Shelby gets her camera from school.
yo yo for now!!

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Christy said...

I wanna know how to make yo-yo's .. I bought the thingy but I'm clueless. I'll teach you flying gooseS ruler if you teach me yo-yoS !?