Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Friday or the start of Christmas music

I hope as all of you read this that your sitting (or laying) there with the after taste of turkey and cranberries thumbing thru your ads to kick off Black Friday. I have lots planned at the shop so be sure and put us on the map of places to visit. I have all my Christmas music out and yes, Donny Osmond is in the line up. I'm so excited!! For the first 50 visiters to the shop I have a surprise for you. We have lots marked down so hurry in!!!


Anonymous said...

If you even think about playing Donny O..........its on lady. If you ever touch my car again I'll send my little people after you!

Material Girls said...

you have to admit....,that was dang funny!!! And I'm allover the Donny O. I might even break out the old stuff like my puppy love.
and I love your little peeps!