Monday, November 17, 2008

Trunk show and a giveaway!!

I just realized that Camille over at Thimbleblossoms is having a giveaway, so be sure and pop over to her blog and leave a comment, tell her Material Girls sent you. I love that girl, she is so cute, and talented and nice and her mom's a sweetheart too! And about her mom, we are having Cotton Ways trunk show in the shop, we should have it in and up in the store by Friday November 21 so be sure and stop by and check it out!
Thanks, Nadine


Anonymous said...

There will be no socks forthcoming!!

TMQG said...

hi Nadine, can you make contact with your angel partner please (the one you are sending to Chrissi) as neither of us has been able to make contact with you. Thanks, Helen

Jeanine said...

I am so going to win ...I have 3 projects posted on her pattern page :) and by the way I call dibs on her new stuff for the shop!!! love ya mean it

Elisabeth said...

I have a weird question for you- do you carry the Turning 20 pattern and if so can you let me know what the finished dimensions of it are. I was in your shop the other day buying fabric. I already have the pattern at home but I am just visiting in Utah and I wanted to the backing fabric for Turning 20 before I leave to go home. Anyway, if you have it and have time to check on that for me it would be great!