Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vote, Vote, Vote, for Megan!!

Okay, so for all you American Idol fans! Megan Corkrey is the one to vote for. She is the niece of Jamie who works in the shop, and we want her as the next American Idol. Not only that but she is a utah girl! So when the voting begins tomorrow please call in and vote for MEGAN!! Even if you don't watch you can still vote! PLEASE!
Thanks so much!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Finally, We get our sign!! This has been a long time coming, we couldn't come to an agreement with the landlord (charming people) and if it weren't for a very persistent sign girl this might have never happened, but it may take a while to get it lighted! We had to have it lighted ""said charming landlord, but when they finished our building they didn't wire for a lighted sign! ugh! So, anyway the sign is up and it looks fantastic!!! Yea! to IG signs! see persistence pays!! So everyone load up the car and come see our beautiful sign!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Doodlebugs comes to Material Girls!!

Cheryl and I had the best field trip ever!! We were able to go to the Doodlebug warehouse (to die for I might add!) They are scrapbook paper, ribbons, buttons and much more creators/designers extraordinaire. Now I am not a scrapbooker but...Oh my Gosh!! They have the greatest embellishments! and we are now going to be carrying them in the shop!! This is just a sneak peek at what we picked up! (Thanks Doodlebug for staying late for us! you are fantastic!)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A friendly reminder!!

On my last post some of you commented that you aren't receiveing the e-mail's. We
changed our web host and in the process lost lots of your e-mail addresses. I send a weekly note to all of you, if you aren't getting it please go into our website and re-sign up. We posted about this but some of you may have missed it. So here is just a friendly reminder, I usually post a sale at the last minute as that is the only minute I have so it is important for you to check for a mail from us, sorry I am not more organized but I really am trying! As for a sale this weekend....I guess you will have to check your mail.........
Until next time!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crazy for dots and stripes!!!!

RJR Fabrics Color Card
Material Girls loves polka dots, with all the fun colorways this comes in you are sure to find one or MORE that you can't live without. We just received this today and it is just a fun line, click on the link to see all the colors. Call me and I will pull your favorites!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Block of the month to start!

This is a sneak peek of the Block of the Month we will be starting at Material Girls, This is such a great quilt. It is called the "Journey of a
Quilter" and is alot of fun to do. If you are interested please call the store as we have a limited supply of patterns and kits. I will be posting pics as we get the blocks done.
Also we are having a BIG Presidents sale tomorrow so be sure and stop by!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Second Post!!

Okay, just so you know I put those pictures on that last post, all by myself, impressed? you should be, because right now I am telling technology "bring it on sister" I hope to add more tomorrow, Okay thats all for tonight!!

These are sooo cute!!!

These are just a few of the lines we have received, Soiree by Lila Tueller for Moda, Sweet by Urban Chicks, and Swanky by Moda, so cute and its going fast so hurry in, tommorrow in honor of the the little bare bummed cupid we are offering 14% off everything in the store!!! See ya Saturday!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hello, is anyone out there?

Yikes! I have been MIA. The shop has been crazy busy, and we have received ginormous shipments everyday that are sure to make your tummy rumble with delight, and the hafta haves!!! WE received SWEET by Moda today, oh my is this a cute line.... and Riley by Anna Griffin, and much more, We also have lots of new models up and they are really great! I have been painting my house and trying to get organized (ugh!!) I have my cousins who are from England coming to spend some time with me for several months!! I am so excited but I have come to the conclusion that if you run a business, something goes to %$e?? in a hen basket, and in my case it is my house. So I am back to my blogging friends, (and Martha Stewart please contact me if you are reading this I need help) I was also extremly forgetful that I ran a contest so Cindy you left the first comment on my blog, please contact me and I will get your late prize out to you!!
Sorry about the long post but I have a lot to say, I say more tomorrow!!!
Ta Ta for now!