Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vote, Vote, Vote, for Megan!!

Okay, so for all you American Idol fans! Megan Corkrey is the one to vote for. She is the niece of Jamie who works in the shop, and we want her as the next American Idol. Not only that but she is a utah girl! So when the voting begins tomorrow please call in and vote for MEGAN!! Even if you don't watch you can still vote! PLEASE!
Thanks so much!


Lori Holt said...

Oh yeah- I'll be voting for Megan for sure! I think she is VERY talented and can't wait to see more of her on American Idol.Kass and I are big fans and NEVER miss a show. Thats when we do alot of fun sewing projects together.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone the support means so much! Nadine you are on the hot button for shout outs!!!

dream quilt create said...

Yes, I had already planned to vote for her. Can hardly wait to see her perform. We have only caught glimpses of her since the first audition in SLC

lissa said...

I will be watching and voting.