Thursday, May 31, 2012

knotted hair elastic tutorial

So with the wintery weekend we had my body decided to join in and get sick, so I apologize this is being posted 2 days later.
Nadine posted a video about hair elastic that studio5 did. Here is our step by step printable version of that project. ( I have 2 on in this picture)

What you need -
elastic - lots of colors at the store
beads if you want
hot glue if you want

for a ponytail holder I used 6 inches and tied a knot.  make sure you leave some tails. Easy peasy

for a head band I used 22 inches and knotted it.
If you want to add a bead I would suggest a large hole bead, the smaller hole is just difficult to fit the thick elastic through.

For either one if you have issues with it slipping off run a wavy line of hot glue along the inside to give it some grip.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Fun with the Brassy Apple

Hi, everyone!!  We did a guest post over at Brassy Apple    I want to Thank Megan for having us. I love Summer and all the great things that inspire me to create.  My tutorial is for a Summer towel wrap,  I made mine for a my neighbor's little girl Olivia.  We have a pool and I have made these in the past and people love them.  Depending on the size of the person you are making it for a regular bath towel will work.
I start with one bath towel,  fat quarter of fabric to match,  1 1/2 yards of rick rack.  3/4 yard of 1 inch elastic. and 4 inches of sew in velcro 3/4" wide (keep in mind that you can add straps or more embellishments than I did)  I have made them with a ruffle at the bottom, and for a little boy just add a basketball, a monster or whatever.    I measured Olivia,  I needed about 13 inches.  I then trimmed my towel to 30" long.  I serged the edge so that it wouldn't fray.)  This is the edge that is underneath.

Measure off how long you want it.  We decided to keep this one longer so that when she got out of the pool it covered most of her  (20" inches long is what we needed).  Measure from under the armpit to where you want it to hit.  To that measurement add 1 1/2 inches for your elastic casing. Cut off excess towel.  I used a serger to finish my edge but you could zig zag the edge to keep it from unraveling.
Press under 1 1/2" on the top edge, this will be your casing for the elastic

Now before you stitch down the casing you will want to add the velcro.  Cut a 4" strip.  sew the hook    side (roughest piece)  1" from the edge of the towel. that will be the underneath of the towel (this is also the edge that you cut off)   Stitch all the way around the edge of the velcro,  add the other piece to the top of the wrap sewing all the way around the velcro.
Once that is done you will want to stitch your casing down.  Stitch about a 1/4 inch in from the edge.
Using a saftey pin, thread elastic through the casing,   Tighten to fit, and sew the open ends closed being sure to catch the ends of the elastic in your seams.  
To embellish I added rick rack to the front edge, and all the way around the bottom  I added it 3 1/2" from the bottom edge.  Stitch in place.  I then traced the letter "O" from one of the fonts off of my word program.  Trace it backwards on to Heat and Bond, and press in to desired place,  I then used my Sizzix and cut out some flowers and ironed them on in various places.  I did stitch all the added pieces down even though I used Heat and Bond this takes a lot of wear and tear and wanted my pieces to stay on so I stitched them all down just around the outside edge.
Measure 3 1/2" from bottom for the rick rack.
Adding an O for Olivia
Place flowers, letter where you want them and Press!
I then added buttons to the center of the flowers.  Olivia is ready to come over and swim and be styling in her new cover up!!  Thanks so much for having us Megan!!  Come visit us at our blog!
The Material Girls Quilts

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A visit with the Bailey's

I recently had the most amazing house guests....., The Bailey's as in Heather Bailey fabric designer extraordinaire.  Her family and her were here in Utah for a wedding and stayed with us.  It was awesome,
Elijah her son tried to teach me the finer skills of nintendo, I didn't get it.  Charlotte is darling and we bonded with some serious 20 question games.  Baby Bailey, what can I say...., CUTENESS!!!  I held him as much as I could get my hands on him.  He is yummy!!  And Isaac, Heathers husband had me at "Hello" and that he loved to cook.  Which he did do for us, he made the best breakfast, DELISH!! even Parker got up to eat it!!  Overall a really fun time.  Heather shared her sketch books with Shelby and I and we were in awe.  Hop over to her blog she happened to buy one of my patterns from the shop (yes, I'm blushing)  Then if that wasn't enough Isaac's sister Laura Gunn dropped by one afternoon.  She even gave me one of her watercolor sketches, (insert scream here) which I will share soon.  I am having it framed for my bedroom.  Any way Heather is absolutely charming and can come anytime she wants!!  Thanks for sharing your wonderful family with us Heather!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memorial Day Sidewalk Sale

 Oh boy!  you are not going to want to miss this one ladies (& gents)   Our Memorial Day Sidewalk Sale!!  Sale starts Fricday May 25th and ends Monday May 27th.  We will be open till 8 on Friday and Saturday but closing at 4 on Monday.  

*Select Models on Sale.
*Clearance patterns $1.00 and up.
*Clearance fat quarters $1.00 and we have added a ton!
*Clearance fabrics $2.00 and up.
*Impressions by Ty Pennington 40% off.
*Fairytale Friends by Moda 40% off.
*Happy Mochi Yum Yum 40% off.
*Select kits 20%-50% off.
*Select charms, layer cakes and jelly rolls 20-40% off.
*Late Bloomers by Moda 30% off
*Garden District home by Heather Bailey 20%
*All Home dec fabrics 20% off.
We will have lots more in store specials so be sure and stop by this weekend, you won't be sorry!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Material Girls guests blogs at Brassy Apple

Sneak peak of what we are using in our tutorial

Be sure and check out the Brassy Apple's blog.   Megan is doing a  SOS Summer of Skills DIY Summer tutorials all through the month.   We will be doing a guest post  tomorrow (Thursday)  This is sure to kick off your Summer poolside activities.  Hop over to Megan's blog and check it out.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oreo Layer tutorial

With the holiday weekend coming up and kiddos out of school I thought I would share another recipe I found, that got gobbled up quickly.  I took this to the fire station for the guys and they couldn't get enough of it.

After you make it you can cover it with a dish cover from this tutorial...then everyone at your party will be doubled impressed.

Friday, May 18, 2012


Mac the scissor guy will be in the store from 10 to 2 tomorrow.  $10 a pair (cash only please)  Drop them off in the morning and they will be ready for late sew that night!!!

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Hi Friends,
Just wanted to let you know how much
we appreciate you!!  We love answering your questions, hearing about your projects.  just getting to know you. So, leave us a comment, become a follower,  
we  have great things in store for you!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

laminate swim bag tutorial plus tips

I am all about laminate right now.  Here are some tips for sewing with laminate that I have learned.

**a walking foot makes ALL the difference.  A teflon foot or scotch tape on a regular foot work alright, but a walking foot makes it sew like normal fabric.
**  A sharp needle and sewing slowly works better than a stronger needle.  I broke 2 denim needles, but sewed slow with an 80 sharp and didn't break smaller holes in the laminate.
**If you use very thin pins you can pin through the laminate and not have visible holes.  I used the clover pins with blue and yellow glass heads.  They are super thin.
**No need to iron.  Just finger press or run the edge of the ruler down the fold and it will hold long enough to do the step you need.
**blow out your machine often.  As you sew the laminate flakes a little and gets in your machine.  Just make sure to clean it good when you are done.
*****If you have handles, straps, ties (anything small that you have to turn RSO) sprinkle a small amount of baby powder onto the laminate and sew, then when you turn it, the laminate won't stick to itself.  Wipe down when complete.****Best trick ever!!!!

Here is a fabulous idea  to use laminate----
Swim bag tutorial

Using the drawstring tutorial we posted earlier make a swim bag using laminate instead of cotton. 
Quick, stylish and water proof!!!!

( I will post pictures when mine gets done)

Here are some more ideas to use laminate with

**Snappy bags or small coin purse pattern -  used laminate to make them into reuseable snack bags
**bag pattern  - use laminate to make any bag into a lunch tote or diaper bag.
**clothing patterns - use laminate to make any coat into a rain jacket.
This is a diaper bag using laminate.

Help us, Please!!

Hi, friends please help us be eligible for this grant.  It would help us implement some awesome programs at the shop to help give back to our community!!  We need 250 votes just to be eligible.  So go and vote now!! 
Chase and LivingSocial are awarding $250,000 Grants. Vote for your favorite small business
PS. If you need the info it is The Material Girls Quilts
 South Jordan, Utah

Friday, May 11, 2012


This adorable line by Robert Kaufman is so cute!!  It would be so cute to decorate a playroom, bedroom or just to have in your stash.  We are getting so many cute lines in it is hard to choose my favorite.  What would you make out of this line.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Oh the possibilities!!

We just got this in the shop today.   SO CUTE!  It is Savanna Bop by Thomas Knauer for Andover fabrics.  It will just make you smile, 3 color ways and oh so much fun!!  Chris, our Tuesday tutorial girl was in the shop when it came in and ended up buying a piece of the entire line.  I can't wait to see what she creates with it!!  Hurry this won't last long!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

umbrella wreath tutorial

A new month means  new wreath.  I am in the mood for summer so I saw this and thought how much more summery can you get.

What you need
Umbrella sticks (I got mine at a party store in a box of 144)
Lei - or other hanging

Wrap the lei (hanger) around.  I did a quick slip knot to secure mine.

Poke holes in the foam with a small screw driver.  I found if you stick the umbrellas in with a pre poked hole they break

Break your umbrella sticks to random lengths and place in.

continue around until you are happy with it.

Simple and summery...just perfect.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A new club!!

I absolutely love Crabapple Hill!!  Every market this is one of the first booths I rush too!  I can't wait to see what new Crabapple Hill has created for all of us stitch-y peeps.  When I saw her new "Gardeners Alphabet Quilts"   I knew that it needed to be a club we had at the shop.   I haven't worked out all the details but get ready for Material Girls newest stitch club!!  Details will be announced in the next week or so.  In the meantime I need to get all this floss wrapped and put on cards!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

 Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!  I don't know about you but, I am having a hard time thinking that it is May already.  I swear it was just the first day of Spring yesterday!  We want you to come and celebrateCinco de Mayo with us!!  We have some FUN things going on!!  The sale will start Friday May 4 and end Saturday May 5th.

*Fat quarters buy 4 get the 5th free
*Buy 4 yards of the same fabric get the 5th yard 50% off. (must be same fabric)

*Buy 4 patterns get the 5th pattern 50% off
*Buy 4 books get the 5th book 50% off.

*Entire store 5% off entire purchase!!
Plus lots of other little surprises too!!
Nadine & the girls
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Be sure and check out our website too we are adding new product daily.

More furniture!

primed and ready to paint

This started out as a salmon color and end up yellow/green
Okay, I promise I will try and lay off the furniture refinishing posts after this!  With Shelby moving out I have been doing nothing but painting furniture.  So, I am here to tell you if you have been thinking about doing it "Do it"  It isn't as hard as you think.  I bought these 3 tables for $50.00.  I didn't get a picture of the before and I am so mad.  They were HIGH gloss, with and inlaid piece on the top.  Definitely not my style.  I sanded and sanded the tops, until I was in a cloud of fumes and still couldn't get the shine off of them.  So, another trip to Home Depot and 4 cans of Primer (Rustoleum primer)  I primed them. Then I added the color.  I have found that I like the Rustoleum paint better than the Krylon.   The Krylon brand had a bigger color selection but Rustoleum covers much better.  Then we antiqued it with a Rustoleum java brown glaze.  Easy Peasy!!  So, if you have something you have been thinking about painting do it!!
her end tables in turquoise 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Material Girls visits Fresh Living

Be sure and tune in to channel 2 (KUTV) tomorrow at 1:00pm.  We will be on showing Debbie Worthen how to make a throw pillow.  We are so excited, she just got her machine a little while ago so are excited to help her learn how to use it.  Hopefully she will  love it and have a new hobby!!

Pacifier clip tutorial

I will admit I am a pacifier mom.  We call ours "bink".  I have used these clips since my son was born.  They are short enough that he can sleep with it clipped to him and no worries about chocking.  They are also short enough that they don't drag on the ground when he crawls. I throw mine in the wash every couple of days and they wash and dry just fine. You can easily embellish these to make them more girlie if you desire.

What you need
scrap material
clips (found at joanns near the snaps and elastic)
velcro (I use iron on)

Place pieces of fabric WRONG sides together

cut a strip that is 1 inch by 7 inches

finish all 4 raw edges ( I serge them but you can zig zag or overlock just as easy)

slide the clip on the fold over and sew.  I sew as close to the clip as possible.

Iron velcro to the other end.  One piece is on the edge the other is about an inch down.


Feed the velcro end through the loop on the pacifier and secure.  If you have the type of pacifier with no loop wrap a clean hair elastic around the knob and then feed the fabric through the elastic.