Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pre-Turkey Day Ponderings

One day until Thanksgiving! Wow, the weather here in Salt Lake does not seem like Thanksgiving, it has been so sunny that we still have the front doors open at the shop, We are still collecting food for the Utah Food Bank, I will be taking it down or I should say Tom and Parker will be taking it down around 4pm today so please stop by the shop and drop off your canned goods! I am planning a big Black Friday Sale and will post on that later! Have a great day and please remember your local food banks!!
Ta Ta for now!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving little Sister - we are SO proud of you here in Oregon and will miss spending time with you this holiday season. I wish I could see the shop all decorated - you truly have a talent for design. Keep up the good work! Love your sister Sue.