Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Redneck stemware tutorial

I was searching around blog world today and came across a site for Southern cooking.  Well, I LOVE sweet tea!!   I can't cook worth beans but love me some ice cold tea!!  They had served their sweet tea in these cute canning jars on a candlestick, (or redneck stemware).
So, I rounded up my supplies E6000, a glass candlestick and a Ball canning jar.  I also tied a turquoise piece of jute for a little color accent.

Around the top of the candlestick I applied a ring of the E6000, centered the jar on the candlestick, let dry, tie some raffia or jute around top, pick what Spring flowers you have and bring them inside to brighten your day, or pour yourself your favorite beverage put your feet up and RELAX!!

1 comment:

Amy DeCesare said...

Such a sweet project...your flowers look fantastic in there.