Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kind Words

I hate to sound all mushy, but.... I just read some of the comments that all of you have posted on Heather Bailey's blog about me and the shop and I truly am so honored and grateful for all of you that come in to my shop or have visited my blog and said such nice things. It truly makes me believe in what I'm doing and makes me want to do even better!! Thank you!!!! I am usually just a goof-ball but this truly has made my year! and Heather if you are reading this, thank you so much!!
Thanks so much!!


Bonnie said...

If it hadn't been for Heather Bailey's blog I wouldn't have even known about you--and you are right here in Salt Lake!! I thank her, too, because I'm coming down!

Anonymous said...

you deserve all the kind words, you are always so kind and helpful and fun. People want to come to the shop because of you, you deserve this

Christine said...

good things happen to good people and you are one great person! You deserve to make it big!!

Unknown said...

I just came to your shop on July 24th for the first time. I loved how surprised you were that you were so busy. I have to tell you I visited another local shop that day and I was almost the only person there. I think that says a lot about you and your adorable quilt shop. Definately one of my new favorites! Keep it up!

Nanette Merrill said...

You deserve it Nadine!!