Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Suprise Visit from Sandi Henderson

What can I say ....honored !!! Sandi Henderson and her cute family stopped in at Material Girls on Saturday afternoon. I was so excited that I yelled out that we had a "celebrity" in the store. It was so nice that she would take time out of her family vacation to come see our shop. She was carrying one of her new purse patterns which Jeanine is now chomping at the bit to make for the shop :) We told her that Ginger Blossom sold out much too quick and that we are anxiously awaiting Farmer's Market.


dream quilt create said...

How exciting! I wish I had been there. Does she have family in Utah? She is one of my absolute favorite fabric designers. She probably paid you a visit because your store is so gorgeous and inviting.

Anonymous said...

I'm seriously jealous that you got to see and talk to and TOUCH Sandi! LOL

~Funky Kim

Hideaway Girl said...

My mom & I were in line behind her and we didn't even know it! I couldn't believe it when you guys said who had just left - she's one of my favorites too! We loved coming to your cute store!!