Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lila Tueller is teaching a class at Material Girls

For all of you who love aprons, funky fabric and want to make the "funked out apron" by Lila Tueller designer of the fabric Woodland Blooms by Moda. Now is your chance! Lila is teaching her funked out apron Wednesday night (sept 24) at the shop and we still have openings in her class. This is going to be so much fun so call the store for details 801-495-4290
(I bet she would even autograph your pattern if you asked her) So hurry down ladies its time for some more fun!!
See ya soon!!


chrisi said...

hello Nadine, i am in the last 4Days in France at the Europeen Quiltshow,my english writhe goes not so good, read is better,i hope you unterstan my words,its verry nice you are my stitcher angel you have a nice shop greets chris from swiss

Christy said...

O Man ! I love aprons & would love to take the class. However, it's the 2nd night of can Christy learn how to Knit class !? Maybe if it's as huge a success as I think it will be, there will be a 2nd chance ?!

Nanette Merrill said...

I just left her blog Nadine. She is amazing. Did you see her post today. Its so funny but true. She's so beautiful I can't imagine anything in her world that isn't pefection. I wish I could make it. I'm struggling with my schedule :-(.

Lila Tueller said...

Hey, Nadine, it's Lila. I'm assuming the class is ON for tomorrow (yikes!)night?
Didn't you say it was NEXT month??? Just kidding. That would actually be worse. Is it 6-9pm? What am I teaching again? Really, just kidding. I'm a little brain-fried right now.
I just got my new fabric today, (Soire'e,) so I've been playing around, and not doing what I should.
Call me!

Lila Tueller said...

Oh, and I must say thank you to the post above mine! You are too kind, really. I sent you an email. (Who is Freda?)
Thanks again, (If you saw me right now, you would not call me beautiful!)