Monday, October 20, 2008

a celebrity visits Material Girls

What a wonderful surprise we had this weekend during shop hop. Camille designer of Thimble Blossom patterns and Moda's line Cotton Blossom (which she created with her mom.) Stopped by Material Girls, she was in town to attend a wedding and came in to the shop, we took pictures and will posting those soon! She truly is a good sport I announced in my very lady like voice that we had a celebrity in the store, (camille i hope i didn't embarass you)
So be sure and watch for more pictures and post a note on her blog to tell her you saw her in the shop! Thanks Camille!
we love you at Material Girls!!

1 comment:

Camille said...

Oh Nadine, you are too funny!! It was so fun to stop by the shop, I wish I was closer so I could drop by more often. I'm not worried about you embarrassing me again- I've got a picture of you that is SO blogabble... ;-) Just teasin'! I'll be back soon for that DP!