Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Did ya miss me!!

Oh wow! did time ever get away from me. I took 5 days off from the shop and did lots of home projects, no not sewing! I repainted my kitchen a bright apple green (and if I ever figure out this camera and posting pictures I will show you) I kind of started my Spring Cleaning. I cleaned all my walls in my living room, bought new appliances, new carpet for family room, (truly I think buying a new house would be easier) I am all about the getting organized in 09. I have to tell you that since I opened the shop, things have pretty much gone to ~*/@ in a hen basket, around my house. so..., I truly vow to myself that this is my year to get it together. And lets not forget that I am also going to be up on technology, gosh! I am tired already. Oh well! I am off to clean another cupboard and clean another wall!!
Till next time!


Shaunab said...

I sure did!! I will be in on Saturday to drop a couple of quilts and to show you a couple of patterns I've designed. I've kind of started my own little business and hope I'll be able to get my patterns and quilts in your store.

Seth, Sarah and the kids said...

ahaha, good for you! I know the feeling.....My house is kinda losing out to our Shop at the moment! :) I hope to have better balance myself!!

Seth, Sarah and the kids said...

oh, and I would LOVE to see a pic of that kitchen!! It sounds awesome!!