Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lucky Leprachuan!!

Need a cute project for March, then this is sure to be the one! I think the reason I love this is because of his yo-yo beard. And we all know I love the yo-yo makers. (We have the pattern in the shop if you are interested) I took today off from the shop and so I really should be painting, but instead I am blogging, hence the second post in one day! Okay now I think I'll take a nap!


Christy said...

WOMAN ! I just saw your "commercial" for the 1st time @ 6:45pm on channel 4. It was darn cute .. WTG !
Save me a magazine, I'll stop by tomorrow :)
XO Christy

Anonymous said...

two naps in one day????? Get back to the shop IMMEDIATELY!!! Your commercial is on duringmmy stitching hours. Very late at night but I am glad you are keeping company at that time of day!