Friday, May 8, 2009

Celebrity Sighting!!!

Okay, so how many of you have been in your favorite shop, eatery, or where ever......, and in walks someone famous (no, Donny Osmond did not find my shop!) but Gina Holladay from Threaded Pear, (Cranberry Quiltworks, and her newest adventure her own shop "Fresh Picked Fabrics") and yes, girls, theres more "Barbara Jones from Quilt Soup", dropped by my shop tonight! I was star struck! Of course Barbara knows I tend to chat and carry on and is sort of used to me, but, I hope I didn't scare Gina. We are great fans of both of you at the shop and want to say "thank you" for stopping by! (I would have taken a picture, but, of course I didn't have my camera, so I missed my kodak moment!)
Thanks again!

PS...if Donny happens to read this my address is 1645 Town Center Drive #4, South Jordan, UT.

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