Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Have you heard of Kindle?

I almost forgot to tell you! This was my birthday present from my kids and hubby, its a Kindle and you can download any book on this. I love to read and drag them all to Barnes and Noble, (they dislike going to the bookstore....alot) all the time, so,.... they decided it would be great if I could just load books on this and never have to go to the bookstore again. I am trying to figure it out and you know how techie I am, but I am so excited! I have loaded about 3 books already....,gee I guess I will read today by the pool!! Thanks hubby and kids you are the BEST!!!!


Kim Walus said...

Hi Nadine, I got a kindle for Mother's Day but couldn't wait and got it almost 3 weeks early. I just love mine and have read about 8 books on it. I still love the feel of a paper book but there's nothing like a Kindle to carry around.

I don't know if you saw THE Bookkeeper I made for my Kindle but you can see it here at Moda Bake Shop and it comes with instructions on how to make it too!

Hugs, Kim

Lindsay said...

Hey hey! Me & my chicklets stopped in yesterday after the dentist & said "hi" to shelb & snooped around your store in search of this....

(She has a link from there for the pattern.)

Didn't find one. Other WAY cute aprons though!! I have some fabric I'd like to use so I'm going to come back to find a coordinating fabric. But I really thought you might like this. I can order it online but thought I'd check your store first. Cause I like ya!

lindas said...

I've been seriously thinking of buying one of these -- how cool! :) I'll be interested to hear how you like it in a month or two. ;)

Suppose we could get C&T or Martingale to publish books this way?

:) Linda

Joyce said...

Hi Nadine! I got a kindle for my birthday too.. from my wonderful sister!.. I love it! It is so much easier to carry around than a heavy book and I like to listen to the book while I am driving.. I love that it reads to me too! Enjoy it!