Sunday, June 14, 2009

Its almost here!!!!!

This is one party you have to pencil in your planners ladies! We have a big party planned with lots of fun and games planned (our prizes are spectacular!!) be sure and wear your hula skirts because its a beach party! I will hopfully get a post on and show you a sneek peak of one of the prizes!!!! We have been kitting, cutting and marking down lots of fun things that you will love! So load up the car, it starts Wednesday June 17th and goes till Saturday! So be sure and stop by and have a treat and enter to win. We will also be having a mini boutique in the back with lots of pre-made goodies too.
Ta Ta for now!


whoopdedoo_5 said...

sounds so fun!

Fresh Poppy Design said...

can't wait! I will be stopping by.

Kayleen said...

I'm not gonna miss stopping by my FAVORITE shop! Nadine, you are the quilter's BOMB!

Anonymous said...

You should be on the other shop hop. My friends and I are boycotting the other one, you are the best! I think I will write them and tell them they are missing out on your fun style!
Cathy and Company