Monday, December 7, 2009

Not just one but two!!!

Okay, what an exciting day at the shop. We didn't just get one fantastic line, we got two Sandi Hendersons "Meadowsweet" and Paula Prass "Woodland Delight" it was just like Christmas!!! We are so excited!! The colors and designs on both of these lines just are happy, fun, and oh so cute!!! So hury down!


Anonymous said...

What happened? "nothing found" at your on line store in my search for "Meadowsweet" or Sandi Henderson or Paula Prass "Woodland Delight". Your blog says "So hury down!" Much to my disappointment I found neither of these. Maybe it is too soon??

Cathy Holt said...

beautiful!!1 I will have to come back (been there last Saturday to pick up a couple yards of Heather bailey) and get some yards of those two lines of fabrics... thank you for heads up!

Material Girls said...

We sell through the fabric so fast that we haven't added it to the web. If you know what you need you can either call the shop or shoot me an e-mail, and we will get it right out to you!