Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow is here!

Modern Meadow Pond
Okay, I heart this fabric in both colorways!!  It is so fun & funky and makes you happy just looking at it!  I have created about 50 bijillion things in my head today.  Every time I walked by it today I would holler out to the girls "wouldn't this make a cute....,  I think they got sick of me saying it!  It really is something you need to come in and see!!


dream quilt create said...

I'm very jealous of all your beautiful fabrics.....won't be able to go to your shop until November :(
Do you think anything will be left by then?

Laughing Lemon Heads said...

Beautiful, love the the yellows! I made it to your shop for the first time on Monday. I love your store!!! As a new quilter, it left me inspired!!! Thanks! Renee'