Tuesday, February 15, 2011

zipper flower tutorial

Zipper flowers

This tutorial will teach you how to make two different kinds of flowers. I combine them into one at the end.


3 inch zipper pieces 10 total

12 inch zipper

1 ½ inch felt circle

Hot glue gun

Cut out your felt circle. I used the Sizzix circles #2 die.

Fold your 3 inch zipper pieces in half and sew.

Attach these to the circle. I sewed them on but you can hot glue them too

Gather your 12 inch zipper using your preferred gathering method. It will spiral as you gather. I gathered all the way and then adjusted my spiral to my liking.

Attach to the center of the folded petals

Embellish the center of the spiral

Attach clip, pin, or other device.

If you want only folded petals, just cut, sew and attach more petals in layers. Than embellish the center as desired

If you only want a spiral flower use a longer zipper and gather until you have the desired size you want.

If you need a good gathering method, there is a gathering tutorial that we did in December.


Stacie said...

Yay! Thanks for the tutorial.. I can't wait to make some!

Lindsay said...

WAY cute!