Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Diaper changing pad/pouch tutorial

Diaper changing pad/pouch tutorial

1/2 yard fabric
1 hand towel
12 inches of velcro

Cut the finished edges off the towel.  This makes it thinner so when you turn it it isnt so bulky.

Measure the towel and cut your fabric to the same size.
PIN right sides together.  You will want to pin a lot because the towel  is very stretchy.
Sew or Serge the edges.  Make sure to leave a hole for turning.

Turn right side out and sew up your hole

With the towel side up fold the pad into equal thirds and mark the folds.  My marks are really dark so you can see them in the pictures.

Cut 2 strips of velcro 5".
Attach to the sides on the pad.  One half should be at the bottom and the other half should be at the top of the middle section.  I put the soft half of the velcro in the middle this way my little one doesnt get scratched.

With the 2" velcro piece attach half to the middle on the top.

Fold over and mark where the ohter half of the velcro should go.

Sew velcro in place.
Embellish if desired.

I use my folded up pad as a pouch to carry my wipes and diapers.  This way ther are at the ready when I need them.

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