Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lily pad pin cushion tutorial

This pin cushion did not start out as a "lily pad" but the flower reminded me of a water lily and my frog stuffer looked so at home next to it.  This tutorial uses two of the the previous tutorials.

Lily Pad Pin Cushion

2 - 5x5 squares lined with a light weight interfacing
material for 2 ruffled flowers.

Follow the instructions for last weeks tutorial on the ruffled flower.  I sewed the two toegether with my gathering stitch.  For this flower I used one out of regular fabric and one out of felt.  I did not fold the felt in half.  I also cut the felt out using the new sizzix die for gathered flowers. Attach a small piece of felt to the bottom to finish off the gathered edge.

Sew your two 5x5 pieces wrong sides together.  leave a small opening for turning.

Turn and stuff/fill as desired.  There is a tutorial on this posted about a month ago.

Once stuffed sew up opening.

Attach flower to the top.  I hot glued it but you can stitch it on if you want.

Find a cute frog to make the lily pad a home.


Anonymous said...

love this, I am a pincushion junkie. One more to add to my list
kerry jane

donna said...

What a cute pincushion.