Tuesday, April 19, 2011

transfer ease tutorial

I do not think I am alone in saying that tracing the design for needlework or applique is the worst.  No longer put off those projects.  There is a new product in the shop called Tansfer ease. Let the project happiness BEGIN!

 --Copy the desired image onto the film side of the transfer sheet.
 --Cut out desing but leave about a 1 inch border so there is more sticking power.
 --Peel of Film sheet and stick to desired fabric. For embroidery stick to the front of the fabric.  For needlepunch stick to the back, and for Applique it will depend on the image.

 -- Embroider, cut, punch your project.  You can use an embroidery hoop just fine with it.
--When complete peel up and cut of excess sheeting.  I left about 1/4 inch around my image.
 --Soak in COLD water for 10 min.  I agitated mine every once in a while. At the end I also rubbed my stitching very softly to get all the black lines out.  You can also run  your project through the gentle rinse cycle with cold water.
 --The paper disloves away and your image is left.
--let air dry and then iron and use as intended.

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Material Girls said...

Chris, I used this and I love it!! Thanks for doing the tutorial!