Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tom's makeover

White Tom's
Okay, another Pinterest craft.  If you know me you know I always wear some type of tennie runners.  Shelby bought me a pair of Toms for my birthday and I have loved them!!  I have worn them out.  So, after searching Pinterest I came across a couple of re-do's and decided to do mine!!  So here is my version of the redo.  I don't have pictures for all of the steps, I didn't have my camera it was at the shop.

*First I patched all of the holes, I just cut out little squares of Pellon's Stacey 101 (this is a type of interfacing I use on everything.)  I ironed it on to the holes with just my regular iron but should have used my little itty bitty iron.

Fabric Tac
*I decided which fabrics to use, and where.  Make sure you have lots of fabric don't skimp.  I started with the toe.  I used Fabric Tac glue (it is my favorite!  I use it for everything)  You can buy it at your local craft store.  I covered the toe area, making sure to get along the sole, I turned under a scant bit on the edge that would be joining with the next piece of fabric along the sides.  Smooth it out working all creases out to the toe area, I then trimmed with a little pair of scissors along the edge of the sole.
I then chose my next fabric and coverd the are with the Fabri-Tac.  Don't put the glue over the elastic.  Smooth out and then trim where needed.  I then started with my next piece of fabric, and covered it in glue and worked it around.  Where the Tom tag is I made sure I didn't glue that down.  Make sure you are gluing alot down by the sole and smoothing it out.
I picked off with my seam ripper the Tom tag on the back.  Cut my fabric to fit just that little square glued it on and then added the Tom tag back.
I added a 1" strip of fabric around the top edge of the shoe, and then added a rick rack trim across the toe.  You could get really creative and add lace, buttons and all kinds of things.
A few things I learned is make sure you stuff the toe area so that you have a smoother surface.  It will shrink your shoe a little but my stretched back our after I had worn them a bit.  I went to Nordstrom after and several people commented on them, and the shoe sales girl loved them!!
Have fun and send me pictures!!  You now have a pair of Rockin' Tom's!!!!


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Anonymous said...

I just found this on Pinterest, BRILLIANT!! I will purchasing a pair of Toms and trying this