Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Machine Quilting at Material Girls Quilts

Did you know that we have 3, yes, 3 Machine Quilters that come to the shop every week?    Yes, it's true, and they all drop off and pick up right at the shop!!   All 3 of them have a 1 week turn around. AMAZING,  I know!   If you have questions give one of them a call or stop by the shop.
First up is.....,
 *Natalie of Nestled she comes every Tuesday morning from 10am-11am.  Her phone number is 801-787-2496.
next up is...,
*Roxie of Stylish Stitches she comes every Thursday from 6pm-8pm.  Her phone number is 801-455-2691.
and last but not least is...,
*Wendy of Eagle Mountain Quilting she comes every Saturday from 10am-11am.  Her phone number is 801-404-1392.
So, if you need a quilt quilted we have the peeps to do it!!!

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