Friday, November 9, 2012

Where to begin

Okay, seriously not sure how it got to be November 9th and I haven't posted yet.  Slacker, well not really.  I took a little weekend get away with the hubby, then I have been working at the shop a lot more.  (I haven't forgotten the tutorial for the maxi skirt.   I got my machine back but it is still not right.  Go figure!!)  Anyhoo, I have been busy with all my new projects for our Christmas Open House which starts Friday November 16th and Saturday November 17th.  We have LOTS of fantastic things for you to make for yourself or your neighbors!  In the meantime this is a picture of my kitchen counter.  Yes, I do have a sewing room but there is something about the kitchen.  Right?  Are you a tidy creator or a little messy?


Kristi said...

My kitchen IS my craft room. My poor family eats meals at the counter most of the time because my sewing machine is set up on the kitchen table. :( I understand completely.

Anonymous said...

We came to your shop today (Saturday) Thanks for telling us about the other shops in the valley. After being at yours there wasn't one that could even be compared. You guys were friendly, helpful and the store was beyond amazing. Keep up the good work, no wonder everyone tells everyone to go to Material Girls.
Thanks so much,
Lisa and sisters

Maxine said...

We can't come to your Christmas Open House because we love out of town, so could you include some gifts you have for neighbors on your blog?