Sunday, March 10, 2013

Quick and Easy Tablerunner tutorial

Wow, I must say I am on a roll with all the tutorials lately.  I love to decorate my house with seasonal items,  so this table runner was perfect after taking down my Valentines decorations. You could use this for any season or just an everyday runner to brighten you table,  in colors that match your decor, the possibilities are endless.  Lets get started!

various scraps 3 x3 and 3 x 6
1/2 yard of fabric for the front
1/2 yard of fabric for the back
1/2 yard of batting

Cutting and marking
9~3x6 inch rectangles and 18 3 x3 squares

Trim your background top piece, batting and backing  to 17" x 40".  Using your favorite marking pen or pencil mark your top piece 1 1/2 inches in around the edge on all sides.  Then mark line in between the rows about 11/2 ins.  Now lay your pieces down 2~ of the 3 x 3's and one 6 x 3.  they should be laying on the edge of your marked line. Start each row at the marked outer edge of your piece.  Between the pieces in your row they are about 1 inch apart.   Lay all your squares down you should have 18~ 3x3 inch squares and 9~ 3 x 6 inch rectangles.   Arrange in to desired look.  I use a glue stick to the backs of each of my pieces to hold them in place.  Using a walking foot start in the middle of your runner and sew a quarter inch seam on the green pieces.  Working out and stitching all the way around each of your pieces.  Trim any loose threads and bind as desired for the raw edge look I like to throw mine into the washer and the dryer and Walah!!  You have a new runner!!  We have kits at the shop for this so call and order yours today!!   Supplies are limited.

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Anonymous said...

How much white for background and how much for binding do we need? I didn't see this in materials needed. I'm a brand new quilter so it's hard for me to figure this out on my own. please answer me by using my email acct. Rhonda Crisp