Tuesday, February 8, 2011

fabric decor balls tutorial

Fabric Decor Balls

1 jelly roll or honey bun

Styrofoam balls. Any size.

Hot glue gun

Cut strips in half so they are 1 ¼ inch.

Squirt Glue onto the ball and attach one narrow end of a jelly strip.

Wrap strip around tightly.

Glue strip onto the top of the beginning piece. Cut excess fabric.

With the next strip move to the side so your strips are over lapping just a little.

Continue this process until ball is covered. I used three fabrics and alternated them as I went around
I used a tack to hold my fabirc in place until the glue was completely dry.

The smaller the ball the narrower the strip you will want. This is written for the tennis ball size.

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Elizabeth said...

this looks easy enough. thanks for sharing the idea and,,,,, I love your background music.