Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thanks Chris

Geek Chic pattern cover
this is mine, the bag and the I Pad cover.  I tried a new picture program  not the best!
I am so excited to tell you this! One of my BFF's Chris and the Tuesday Tutorial girl wonder made me this bag by Melly and Me "Geek Chic" we have the pattern on order and it should be here next week.  I got an I Pad for Christmas and have been looking for a bag to put it in.  Isn't it cute?  Love you Chris!  Yesterday when she came by my house I thought she was just leaving her adorable baby Aidan for me and Shelby to play with.  The kid has his own fan club at Material Girls (look out Justin Bieber we have Aidan fever!)  Anywho, just thought I would show off my really cute bag.  The fabric she used is Kumari Gardens by Free Spirit.  It is a fantastic line.  Okay so I am off to put my I Pad in my really cool case!
Ta Ta

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