Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Break it up tutorial

Have you ever LOVED a pattern but thought that it was too much work, or you have plenty of projects already.  At market the trend wad to "break it up"  By this I mean instead of doing the whole quilt top do only a small portion of is and frame it or make a smaller project from the pattern.  You can use pieced patterns, applique, stitching...the list goes on.  Here is how I broke it up.

I LOVED this quilt by Don't look now but it is a ton of applique.  DAUNTING!!!

Instead of the entire quilt, I choose the letters of my son's name and made them individually on 12x12 squares and hung them in his room.  NOT SO DAUNTING!!!
 I broke the squares up even more to fit in the frames I had.

One of the girls at the shop took a square from complicated hexagon quilt and did one square and turned it into a pillow top.

My favorite example of this from market was the designer took six quilt squares and framed them in an old window frame.  

The possibilities are endless when you "break it up"!!


Ann Marie said...

love that idea, thanks for sharing

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

So cute on your son's wall Nadine!

Beth said...

Your son's name looks adorable. Great idea, thanks for sharing.