Friday, June 10, 2011

My Redwork!

I know it seems early to start Christmas but I will never finish this otherwise. So who is interested in this as a Summer block of the month? We will start this cute wall hanging by Hugs and Kisses from Australia on Thursday June 24th from 7pm till 8pm. If you are interested please call the shop, kits and patterns are separate and it is $10.00 for the class. Come get your stitch on with us!


Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday Nadine!!! Hope you have a great day!

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, I am no where near you, but I MUST have this redwork pattern!!! Can you please let me know how I can get my hands on it??? :) Thanks so much!


South Jordan Modern Quilt Guild said...

If you are interested in the pattern we have it online at our website or you can call the shop and order it.

Thanks for the birthday wishes Bonnie:)

Richardson said...

I love love love it, but living in
Denver now and it makes it hard to come down on a weekly basis. I still checking in on you girls regularly though. Is there a way to just buy the patterns/kits? Please let me know at

Vicki R