Friday, June 24, 2011

Lecien Old New fabric

The "Old New Fabric by Lecien.  Has been posted on everyones blog.  I bet we took a dozen calls this week asking if we have it.  Well, we do have the entire line and it is going fast.  So if you want this for your Farmers Wife Quilt Along you better hurry and give the shop a call 801-495-4290.  It is like a 30 print line and very cute, I promise!
So hurry and get yours,


Ann Marie said...

I love that fabric line, too bad I am broke right now, and stuck sewing out of my stash only. Maybe if I get the rental house finished quickly and sold, then I can buy the entire line.

Quilting Phenom said...

I bought some of this. I love it, not sure what I am going to do with it but finding lots of great things made out of it in blogland.

Wynn said...

hi! do you send to Singapore? I would love to have them! pls let me know! thanks!