Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This post is for Shelby and her friends!!

Okay kiddies, blogging is not for old ladies and we are not stalking each other!! This post started out with a friend of Shelby's (Zane, Whitney, Lacey you know who you are) who thought it was kind of weird this whole blogging thing. I commented on Zane's moms blog and they all thought it was so weird, and then Shelby saw me looking at her blog and she thought I was stalking her. (Lisa, I really wasn't stalking you!)
I was just checking out her blog because Tom and I think Zane is a really great kid (whom I probably embarass all the time) So as soon as I learn this whole blogging thing I know where I can hijack some pretty goofy pictures of all of them. I love Shelby and all of her goofy friends, thanks for being great kids!!
Shelby's mom


Anonymous said...

wow mom i love you so much! there is nothing better than being posted about and being embarrassed:) i love you:)but seriously i do ha

Anonymous said...
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Material Girls said...
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Anonymous said... i meant to spell amazing like that okayy?

Anonymous said...

nadine, you don't really think zane is a really great kid do you?....

Lisa said...

Thanks for the post. Zane has caught me on your blog looking at it so I guess that we are stalking each other together. It's alright though, no need to lie, we know Zane isn't a good kid. Kyle and I really tried hard but somewhere along the line he just fell off and look at him now. Jk. Shelby is wonderful and very nice, so are the rest of those girls. They are all adorable. Thanks again.