Sunday, August 9, 2009

Brrr! Snowman

okay, I know its 90 degrees out but......,
I just couldn't resist this cute snowman made from a Crazy Eight charm pack by Moda. The fabric is so cute it has dots, stripes and a really cute reindeer panel. Plus, its one of my finished projects I have been telling you about. We received so many shipments in the store last week I don't even know where to begin, Be Merry by Riley Blake (this is so cute, we bought both the cotton and the flannel) Authentic jelly's, charms and Layers by Moda~cute~Happy Camper jelly's, charms and layers by American Jane and ladies the list goes on so be sure and stop by and check out all of our new fun stuff.....,
Taa Taa


Michelle said...

I just made this too. It was so fun. Do you have any crazy eight charm packs at the shop right now?

Michelle in Arizona

Material Girls said...

We do have the crazy eights in the shop!