Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is that Camille from Thimble Blossoms?

We just had our Fall Open House at the shop and we are having a trunk show of "Thimble Blossoms" I was talking to Camille and told her we wished she could be here, (but the girl is busy) so we decided to improvise and make our own Camille. (I really think after she heard how weird my family is I scared her) I wished I could label the pictures but my computer skills won't let me. (Camille, I hope you are okay with our model)
So the pictures are as follows:
1. Our version of Camille ( we were going to draw her but I can't draw)
2. Camille at the register
3. Camille going to Cafe Rio with Jamie (a really good place to eat)
4. Camille loves rick rack!
5. Camille drinking her Dr. Pepper from Sonic (this is hard work I heard her say)
6.Camille checking out the Farmers Market.
7. Camille with one of her quilts Double Dip
8. Camille with her pre-cuts of Simple Abundance Which we got the yardage to today!!!
We loved having Camille at the shop, tee hee! but we would really love her in person! Her and her mom's (Cotton Way) line Simple Abundance arrived TODAY Yahoo!

So, I will post more pic's of the entire trunk show tomorrow!
PS. Camille we love you!


Camille said...

OH. MY. GOSH you are hilarious!!! I was rolling on the floor when I saw this post! You girls are AWESOME!! Nadine, maybe I'll have to have a post where you come visit me! Complete with teenagers, mooning, and that FABULOUS pic I have of you from my last stop in... ;-)

Love you girls!

Angela Yosten said...

That is the cutest!!! So glad Camille was able to spend the day with you! LOL!!!

onlymehere said...

I came over from Camille's blog and I have to say this is the funniest thing I've seen in quite awhile! Cindy

Sandi Henderson said...

LOL- You forgot Camille in slippers and PJ's! That's her normal business attire. ;)


Sheila said...

That was so cute. You guys are just too fun. Can't wait until the day I can come over to your side of the world and have fun too.