Monday, September 21, 2009

Puppy Love!

Okay, I admit it I still have that secret crush on my favorite Osmond "Donny" I literally drove my 2 sisters nuts growing up! My little sister would go on a rampage ( I think she had temper issues) and rip all my Donny stuff shreds! And, both of my kids know all the words to "Puppy Love" and my poor hubby has had to live with this! I have drug him to Donny concerts forever, and have yelled and screamed while he stood patiently by! I try and sneek his CD's in to the player at the shop but my girls have threatened me! So my point is my friends is he is on Dancing with the Stars! I am so excited!!! You can vote for him at 1-800-868-3405!!

Go Donny!!


PS. Stay tuned for my post on Thimble Blossoms! (told ya it was coming Camille)
PSS, I couldn't get my Donny pic's to post


Tara said...

You're too funny! I thought he did a great job and he'll do fine on merit and his still adorableness! Can't wait for the Thimble blossoms!

onlymehere said...

I have a Donny Osmond Barbie doll that Marie signed. She was laughing and was going to sign his backside but finally settled on his back. I have him stored away for good keeping. Who knows, maybe some day it will be worth something. I thought it would be fun if I ever had a chance to meet Donny maybe he could sign his doll too! I used to be so sure I'd marry him, lol!

happy zombie said...

Just so you know... when I was 12 I declared dibs on Donny. I even asked him if he'd marry me. I never heard from him, so I'm assuming it was YOU who foiled my letter's delivery to him!!!!

OMG.. I love Donny to this day. Love him! Love, love, love him! I'm rooting for Donny all the way.

happy zombie said...

Because I love you... I will share:

Lori Holt said...

I'm with ya sister!
I had his poster on my bedroom wall as a girl and fell asleep looking at his dreamy eyes and smile....yes I am still feeling like I'm 10! He was my first crush and I'm still crushing!